24TH JUNE 2020


Community Conference is a quarterly digital event that brings together the hosts and contributors of each individual Community Conversation to share knowledge and listen to inspirational guest speakers.

The first Community Conference took place on 24th June 2020, our keynote speaker was Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, aka “The Black Farmer”, who spoke about the importance of localism and recounted his personal story.

The Lincolnshire based event included a series of digital discussion rooms where expert panellists discussed their vision of The Future and the tools people within our communities will need to create a better future for all.

Click on the links below to watch the discussion rooms.

Host: Stuart Tym & James Pavey – Irwin Mitchell
Panel: Minette Batters – NFU President, Philip Dunn – Brown and co

A discussion of the legal and practical implications of both Brexit and the recent lockdown on the future of farming and rural businesses. To include the Agricultural and Trade Bills.

Host: Steve Kemp – OpenPlan
Panel: John Latham, Chris Williams

Relative remoteness has often been seen as a problem for Lincolnshire, but do we now have an opportunity to turn our remoteness into an advantage? Can Lincolnshire thrive by being locally resilient and digitally connected?

Host: Steve Ball – Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Panel: Manjit Shellis, Gill Sparrow

How has COVID-19 changed the face of schools? How will schools be different post pandemic? What will be better? Enjoy a lively discussion with a primary school headteacher and the Assistant Director of Birmingham Education Partnership.

Host: Mark Hammond – Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Panel: Angus Moir, Jon Davies

Leadership in an increasingly difficult world, managing remote working, change, and the new ‘normal’. How can leaders deal with crisis management, whilst delivering effective communication, and enabling wellbeing? What does the role of culture play, and how can we encourage more of our leaders to lead?

Host: Charlotte Watson – Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Panel: Nicola Ellwood, Jem Hill

Performance & Motivation and its impact in the organisation, the energy in teams and the role it plays in change management and the culture of the organisation. Keeping ahead of competitors is key – hence increasing performance and motivation in teams whilst ensuring wellbeing.

Host: Roy Colclough – Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Panel: David Obrien, Phil Hutchinson

We are now seeing the transition from managing the crisis – keeping the organisation functioning – to managing the transition back to a renewed future. Resilience is the key; this session looks at resilience at a time of change, how businesses can become more resilient and how such a business can make sure its employees wellbeing is also being looked after.

Host: Nicola Langton – Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Panel: Wes Shelbourne, Rosie Green

This session aims to explore inclusivity and diversity in the workplace – given the current difficulties businesses are experiencing at the moment, the session aims to bring this to the forefront of any forward-thinking business.

Host: Sean Barkes – Refinity Coaching & Consulting
Panel: Vybarr Cregan-Reid, Darren Crookes

An exploration of the future of the modern office or workplace and how they can be designed to foster good health, productivity and creativity.