Bringing Communities Together

Fragmented communities have become a common occurrence in the last few decades. We have stopped fulfilling our wants and needs from local businesses and organisations, instead switching to a fast-paced lifestyle with increasingly lengthy commutes to work and a reliance on large supermarkets and online retailers for our shopping.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to us spending more time in our homes, reigniting our desire to connect with and enhance our local community.

Community Conversation is a not-for-profit initiative, supported by the Gusto Homes Community Fund, established to bring local communities together on a digital platform. Weekly Community Conversations are hosted by a community member and provide updates from local organisations and businesses, alongside discussing new ideas to improve the lives of all those in the community.

The Community Conversation aims to reconnect local communities across the UK, supporting local organisations and encouraging local trade. We urge those who share this desire, to set up a Community Conversation in their local area. The CC team is experienced in establishing local community networks and are here to help you establish yours.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Three months free premium Zoom account for hosting your Community Conversation
  • A dedicated web-page on the Community Conversation website
  • A dedicated “community conversation” e-mail address
  • A seat on the panel for each quarterly digital Community Conference
  • Personalised branding for your Community Conversation
  • General and technical support from the Community Conversation team

Watch our in-depth guide to setting up your own Community Conversation.

Or look-in on a well-established local Community Conversation.